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About Us

Sandokai Community Aikido was created to enable people in the neighbourhood to practice a beautiful martial art for low cost.  It was important to us to give back to our community.  There is a saying Be the Change you Want to Create -- we want to create a community of practitioners who understand that at the heart of aikido practice is harmony within ourselves and with others.



Kali Hewitt Blackie

Kali Sensei, is affiliated with the United States Aikido Federation and holds the rank of godan (5th degree black belt), promoted by the technical committee of the USAF. Her aikido is inspired primarily by Harvey Konigsberg Shihan and Yumi Nakamura Shihan. Kali has trained deligently for over 30 years and has taught at Aikido Tendokai and Naka Ima in Toronto.  She is a lover of the art of aikido and believes in the transformative power of the practice to enrich our lives and make us more peaceful and loving.

Robert Bergman
dojo cho

Robert Sensei, (4th dan) has studied several styles and approaches to Aikido under a few teachers including Henry Kono Sensei, Hiroaki Izumi Sensei, Takeshi Kimeda Sensei, and Ross Robertson Sensei.

Robert states his view: "The practice of Aikido is ultimately a path to enlightenment". (read more on our blog)

Renan Costa

Renan Costa started his aikido journey in 2005 as a 12 year old in Brazil.  At 19 years old he earned his Shodan and is currently ranked Nidan under the guidance of his teacher Sensei Roberto Nobuhiko Maruyama, 7th Dan, of Aikido Maruyama.  Sandokai Community Aikido welcomes Sensei Renan to our teaching team as he is planning on making Canada his home, and has chosen our dojo to train.  We are delighted to welcome him!


Contact Us

Sandokai Community Aikido
1444 Dupont Street #6a, Toronto, Ontario. M6P 4H3

Tel: 416.992.2123


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